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Keefe Regional Technical School: Website Evaluation - C.A.P. Test

Ms. Jourdain, Teacher Librarian at Monty Tech in Fitchburg, has agreed to let us borrow the information she has compiled on evaluating websites.  We are very grateful to Ms. Jourdain!

The C.A.P. Method:

C.A.P. Method:
Currency: Up-to-date.
Authority: A knowledgeable, responsible author or organization.
•Point-of-view: Based on facts (not prejudice or bias).



Search Google Smarter

For Currency:

Go to "Tools" => “Any time” => choose a timeframe for results.

For Authority and Point of View:

Go to "Advanced Search" => "Then narrow your results by..." => Site or Domain =>Type in .edu or .gov

Essential Questions


  • How do you evaluate information found online? 
  • Why is it important to evaluate the source and reliability of information?

Website Source Evaluation Sheet

The Slide Show

Additional Tips

Watch this short video from Common Craft to learn more strategies on doing research on the web.

Independent Task

Using the C.A.P. worksheet, please evaluate the following two websites:

The Danger of Using Solar Panels

The Costs and Incentives for Installing Solar Panels