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Keefe Regional Technical School: ESL Summer Reading 2022

Summer Reading Program Guidelines

ESL Summer Reading Instructions


All students will read two books- one at the level you were in this year, and one that is one level above. For example, if you were in level 2 this year, you will read one book at level 2 and one book at level 3. 


Todos los estudiantes leerán 2 libros- uno del nivel en que estuvo este año, y uno del nivel superior. Por ejemplo, si estuvo en el nivel 2 este año, leerá un libro del nivel 2 y un libro del nivel 3.


Todos os alunos lerão 2 livros- um no nível em que você estava este ano e outro no nível acima.  Por exemplo, se você estava em nível 2 este ano, lerá um livro do nível 2 e um livro do nível 3.

If you were in level 4 this year, you can read the two level 4 books OR read a book from the mainstream summer reading list.

If you were in level 5 this year, you must read a book from the mainstream summer reading list.

If you are not sure or do not remember what level you were in this year, email Ms. Aguiar, Ms. Kellogg, Ms. Hogan, or Ms. Blain and ask.


Si no está seguro o no recuerda en que nivel estuvo este año, contacte por email a la Sra. Aguiar, a la Sra. Kellogg, a la Srta. Hogan o a la Sra. Blain para informarse.

Se você não lembra o não esta seguro em que nível você estava, envie um email para a Senhora Aguiar, a Senhora Kellogg, a Senhorita Hogan, ou a Senhora Blain para perguntar.


Level 1 Resources

Level 3 Resources

Level 5 Resources


If you were in level 5 this year, you must read a book from the mainstream summer reading list.

Your Library Resources

Framingham Public Library Digital Collection

  • No library card? No problem! Sign up for a temporary card here and get immediate access to their digital collection. You do not need to be a Framingham resident to sign up for a card! If you live in a different town, make sure you list the Keefe Tech address (750 Winter Street, Framingham, MA  01702) as your residence.   If problems or questions, you can get in touch with John Garrigan, Supervisor of Youth Services,  508-532-5570 x4335 -

Level 2 Resources

Level 4 Resources

Keefe Tech Faculty Resources

The ESL Summer Reading selections were crafted by the English as a Second Language (ESL) faculty; you may email them with questions:

Ms. Kristen Aguiar

Ms. Alice Kellogg

Ms. Blain

Ms. Hogan