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Keefe Regional Technical School: Respiratory Systems - Ms. Straton (SAMPLE LESSON)

Lesson Information (SAMPLE)

We will meet in the library for the first two periods / sessions; you will continue your work in class and at home.  Mrs. Kane can meet with you after or before class, before or after school if you get stuck.  Make sure you make an appointment first.

This assignment must be turned in no later than.........

Any questions, please let Mrs. Straton and Mrs. Kane know.  Good luck and have fun!

Assignment - Ms. Straton A&P Seniors (Sample Lesson)

Respiratory System Research Assignment

We will not be taking notes and doing worksheets about the respiratory system like we usually do. Instead you will research a respiratory topic of your choice to learn about the structures and functions of the respiratory system.

We will work together to make sure that you perform proper research, learn how to take notes from what you read, summarize what you have learned, cite your sources properly and organize your paper so that is clear and concise. Please refer to the checklist of necessary components and the rubric to see what is expected of your work.

Check off when complete

Necessary Components

Typed paper in size 12, Times New Roman Font, double spaced

Title Page: must include title, your name, teacher’s name, course period, date

Thesis: a sentence that clearly and concisely states the paper’s purpose

Introduction: a paragraph that includes the thesis statement and tells the reader the structure of the paper

Body paragraphs: at least 3 body paragraphs that are organized by topic and help develop the main idea (you may choose to label the paragraphs)

Conclusion: a paragraph that restates the thesis and summarizes how the body paragraphs supported the thesis

Bibliography: a list of your resources that you used to write your research

*Later on we will work together to make sure you know how to create a presentation and present information clearly.

Respiratory Systems Assignment Document

List of Possible Topics

Possible topics include:

Respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary edema, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, etc.

How do we breathe? Why does the oxygen go in and carbon dioxide out?

What happens when we run out of oxygen in a room?

What do the cells of the respiratory system look like? What special features do they have?

What happens to your lungs when you smoke? Or do different drugs?

What are hiccups, how are they caused, how can they be treated?

Databases of Interest

Research Help

The following links will help you with different aspects of your assignment:

Note-Taking Form

Interpreting your results and writing a thesis statement

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Really Cool Database Tools

The following Gale tools will help you navigate the databases with ease and efficiency:

Topic Finder:

This tool will help you help you analyze search results and create a unique research topic (watch video).


The Bookmark tool can be used to create persistent links back to documents, searches, and more (watch the video).

Highlights and Notes:

This tool will help you keep track of sources and sections, annotate and organize your information easily (watch video)


This tool simplifies the research process by providing one-stop citations within the database (watch the video).

Downloading and sending to Google Drive:

Download results or send documents to your Google Drive for later retrieval (watch the video